Donato Rimenti Software Architect / Full Stack Developer

My Expertise

I'm a self-driven, passionate Java developer who loves challenges and creative problem-solving. I also enjoy automating everyday tasks and optimizing them the best I can. I'm a fast-learner: I like to study new technologies and regularly apply my knowledge in practical situations. I firmly believe that great code must be elegant and good-looking, clean, and well documented: this is my aim as a developer.
Lately, I also took part in more business-oriented projects that improved my soft skills and broadened my perspective.


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My primary development language is Java, but I also experimented with C, C++, C#, Python, Kotlin, NodeJS, and PHP.

My frontend experience ranges from pure HTML and CSS to the most recent SPA frameworks like Angular, React, and Vue, all of them with either Javascript or Typescript.
On mobile, I go for React Native or pure Android.

MongoDB, Redis, Neo4J, MySQL, and PostgreSQL are my preferred databases.
I also know how to use many other technologies such as Docker, Terraform, HTTPD, Git, SVN, AWS, and Linux.


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Software integrations are my strongest suit.

I worked with JWT/JWE, REST, SOAP, Websockets, SSE, GraphQL, RSS, SAML, IoT, and more.
I consumed many third-party APIs from companies like Facebook, Google, and Yandex.

I designed custom point-to-point integrations and implemented different RFC standards such as Oauth2, FTP, OFTP, and EMV.
I also built tailored QA CI/CD pipelines with Maven, jUnit, Azure DevOps, Jenkins, Travis, GitLab, SonarQube, and Artifactory/Nexus.


I'm a certified Java, MongoDB, and Neo4J developer with more than 30 coding classes attended.
I worked on over 50 open-source projects, one being an Android app with more than 15k downloads.

During my career, I've been a trainer, a technical writer, and also a CTO.